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Greg Allen Morgoglione: Bio - a people thing

"Eclectoplasmacoustic folk'n rock" (tm) since 1997, creating and performing unique songs w/ unique sound. Social conscience in action: a singer-songwriter-social entrepreneur realizing lyrics thru life, and djembe based rig of "Buster" Braxton.

Greg Allen is the songwriter, singer, and guitarist

Granville "Buster" Braxton is the percussionist.

Formed in 1997. Greg and Granville played briefly with Granite Ghost before conspiring to create a unique platform for Greg's original style / approach to lyrics and songwriting.

That style, now dubbed "eclectoplasmacoustic folk'n rock" (tm), is rooted mostly in traditional/folk, rock, and pop music.

While the core of Grasping At Laws has always been the duo, the sound has frequently been complemented - both live and in-studio - over the years by a variety of talented musical friends. Notables include Tom Proutt, Thomas Gunn , Julie Goldman, and Jeff Romano (producing and contributing to the upcoming CD).

Greg's influences as a songwriter and performer are wide ranging - from early roles in musicals featuring traditional songs to days on the road with hometown rock bands to vinyl, 8-track, cassette and cd encounters with everything from Gary Puckett to Elvis to Townes Van Zandt. And REM. Lots of REM.

Greg decided to begin a performing career in 1992. Grasping At Laws formed in 1996.

Grasping At Laws - it's a people thing...